Regular networking events!

These are small informal networking meetings - ideal for sole traders and small businesses.

In addition to the usual networking, connecting and getting to know other businesses, there is plenty of opportunity to discuss the books you have read, what you have learned and your goals/plans.

Next Books & Networking:

Wednesday 24th July 2024, 11:00am-1:00pm

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Business networking with a book theme!

Discuss Books

Recommend and discuss books you have recently read. Don't worry if you are not reading a book at the moment - you could ask for a book recommendation!

Goals, learning and knowledge

Discuss your goals, ideas and what you have learned from the books you have read!


We don't just talk about books! An opportunity to network and for general discussions. More then a stack of business cards - a great way to get to know other business owners!

No subscriptions or memberships

Just book and pay for the meetings that you would like to attend!

Don't use Facebook?

Everyone is welcome to attend our networking events - including anyone who may not be a member of our Facebook group.

Booking Essential!

As spaces for our meetings are limited, booking is essential.

Unfortunately we can't offer a "pay at the door" option.

Which books will we be discussing?

Whether it's inspirational, personal development, business, biographies, the "For Dummies" series, industry specific books - if they help your work or business - they are up for discussion!

No specific book! Unlike a traditional book club where everyone reads the same book, Books & Networking is about discussing what each person is reading at the moment (rather then everyone reading the same book).

Meet new contacts

It won't be just about discussing books! There will be plenty of opportunity for networking and other general business related discussions.

Ideas for books to read

By the end of our Books & Networking meetings, you'll have plenty of ideas for new books to read.

Face-to-face meetings

Books & Networking will be face-to-face - with a round-the-table/boardroom style setup.

We may look into offering the option for people to be able to join in virtually for future meetings.

Guest speakers

From time to time we'll invite guest speakers - these will be advertised for each event. Often these talks will have a book theme or connection.

Meet the author

We may invite authors of business/personal development books to attend as guests to talk about their books. These will be advertised for each event.

You don't need to bring your book

You don't need to bring the book you are currently reading with you to the meeting. Although some people do find it easier to talk about the book if they have it with them.

Worksheet to help you prepare...

If you are looking for help preparing for a Books & Networking meeting or to talk about the books you are reading - you can download a free worksheet.

Click here to download the meeting worksheet!

Event Sponsorship

Promote your business, while helping to cover the costs of organising our events - by sponsoring a future Books & Networking meeting!

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Feedback welcome!

Any feedback is welcome - if there's anything you'd like to see at future meetings or any feedback, please let Simon know: