Interested in writing your own book? Always thought about writing a book, and finally want to do something about it? A range of help, support and resources to turn your ideas into an actual book...

"Simon really knows his stuff! I wouldn't have published my book if it hadn't been for his expertise and encouragement" - Andrew Smith, author of Cows Not Cow

Supporting business owners to write and release a book they can be proud of!

Meet Simon for an hour, and get answers to your writing/self publishing questions...

Sharing 11+ years experience of writing, self publishing and marketing non-fiction books.

Meet Simon for an hour, get answers to your writing/self publishing questions, advice on what to do next, and identify the way forward to get started/progress with your book idea.

Price: £125 per meeting

E-mail Simon to arrange a day/time: simon@libraryplayer.co.uk 

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Hints & Tips in Simon's book

Simon Pittman's book on writing and self publishing will guide you to bring your book idea to life.

Sharing his experience of writing and releasing 5 books (8 if you include updated/revised editions of existing books)!

Price: £10 paperback / £4.99 Kindle

From initial idea, writing, self publishing to release - available from Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0948N42NV 

Stop making excuses and start writing your book - free download!

Something always seems to stop you from writing your book?

Simon's free PDF guide - "Stop Making Excuses & Start Writing Your Book" will help identify what is holding you back, and give you a push to get started with your idea!

Whether you are looking to share your knowledge, raise your business profile, or always wanted to write a book - this guide will help you make some form of start.

Get your copy, and subscribe to our mailing list at: subscribepage.io/stopmakingexcuses 

Help and support during each stage of putting together your book - including idea, writing, self publishing, release and marketing.

Book formatting service

Written a book, and ready to self publish?

Looking to ensure your book is in the correct format, ready to upload and publish?

Simon offers a book formatting service - formatting your book and providing you with the files ready for you to upload to your preferred self publishing platform.

Ongoing support

For business owners looking for accountability and support on an ongoing basis.

Provided as a monthly subscription, you'll have ongoing mentoring, answers to your questions when you need them, plus accountability.

Price: £250 per month

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Ideal for business owners looking to share their knowledge, coaches to share their wisdom, help others in your area of expertise - whatever your reason for writing/self publishing a book, we can help! 

Blog posts and videos

Simon regularly posts articles/blog posts on LinkedIn with hints and tips on writing and releasing your books - connect at: linkedin.com/in/SimonPittman 

You can find a selection of previous blog posts (plus some short videos) on our Blog Posts & Videos page!

While Books & Networking is about the books you read, a number of people are interested in writing and releasing their own book!

Book Writing Workshop

There are currently no plans for any further workshops.

The workshop on Tuesday 20th September 2022 was a one-off event, so unless someone hires Simon to organise a workshop for their business/clients, there are no plans for any further workshops.

11+ years experience of writing and self publishing!

Author of 7 non-fiction books (10 books if you include updated editions of previous books!)

Simon has written and self published books since 2013 - and will share his experiences, skills and knowledge he has gained over 10 years.

Unlike a lot of the videos you find on the Internet, Simon will actually show you his own books (and what's worked for him), there's no affiliate links, and no false promises.

We can NOT help with: editing/proofreading, do all the work for you, copywriting, ghostwriting, or low content books. However, if you'd like help with any of these, we may be able to introduce you to people who can help!

Unfortunately we can't upload your book, covers, etc. to self publishing platforms for you (this is against their terms and conditions!) - although we are happy to provide advice on the steps, etc.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you can't find the writing help that's right for you, or you are looking for a bespoke package, contact Simon at: simon@libraryplayer.co.uk