Books By Members

Written a book?

In addition to reading books, some members of the book group are authors themselves! This page includes links to their books...

Angie Scarr

Andrew Smith

Business networking hints and tips.

Greg De Tisi

A range of business and personal development books!

Fraser Hay

Author of a range of business and marketing books.

Simon Pittman

In addition to organising Books & Networking, Simon is the author of 7 books.

Ideal for beginners, covering editing audio, managing your website, coding, creating products, owning a small business, and writing/releasing your own book.

Simon's latest book - Books & Action - is full of hints and tips to get the most from business/personal development books.

Have you written a book? If you are a member of our Facebook group or attend our Books & Networking meetings, and would like your books to be included in this page, contact Simon at: