Books & Networking

Read business or personal development books?

Looking for a place to share recommendations, discuss goals and learning from what you read?

If the answer is YES, Books & Networking is for you - meet other business owners, network, share knowledge, and discuss the books you are currently reading.

Business networking with a book theme - includes a Facebook group for sharing book recommendations, and regular meetings in Aberdeen.

Next Books & Networking:

Wednesday 24th July 2024, 11:00am-1:00pm

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Recommend and discover books for your business:


Meet and connect with other businesses, network and discuss the books you are currently reading!

Discuss the books YOU are currently reading...

Unlike a traditional book club (where everyone reads the same book), Books & Networking is about discussing what each person is reading - getting ideas from each other for books to read, and discussing goals & takeaways from the books.


Meetings are in-person in Aberdeen!

Not on Facebook?

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings - including business owners who may not be a member of our Facebook group.

Meet new contacts

As well as ideas for books to read, Books & Networking is a great opportunity to network and meet new contacts.

Get more from the books you read - Books & Action is Simon's latest book!

Full of hints and tips to help you get the most from the business and personal development books that you read.

Available in either paperback or Kindle.

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Ideas for your own book?

In addition to reading books, you may be interested in writing and releasing your own book, or had an idea for a while and wondering where to start.

From initial ideas, writing, self publishing, release and marketing - we have a range of help, support and resources to bring your ideas to life!

No subscriptions or memberships!

Books & Networking has no subscriptions or memberships.

Pick and mix what works for you.

E.g. you don't have to attend our book club style meetings for our writing help - and anyone who doesn't attend meetings is still welcome to join the Facebook group.

Bring Books & Networking to your business!

Can't attend Books & Networking? Why not bring Books & Networking to your business!

Ideal for team building or for your clients - events or workshops especially for your business.

Including our book club format or writing workshop - click here for more info.