Meeting Format/ Agenda

If you are looking for help preparing for a Books & Networking meeting, you can download our worksheet.

15 minutes of informal networking.

We'll start with some informal disucssions and networking. Get to know each other - both the businesses and the people within them.

Round the room introductions.

Briefly go round the room, and introduce yourself, your business and the books you are currently reading.

Even if everyone already knows you - it's always great to have a reminder about each persons businesses and what you do!

Don't worry if you are not currently reading a book - perhaps mention a book you have recently read, or ask for a book recommendation instead?

Discuss the books you are reading.

Discuss any books you are currently or recently read in more detail, for example...

Guest speaker

We may invite a guest speaker to our meetings to do a talk or presentation - or invite an author to come along and talk about their book.

These will be advertised beforehand, and the talk will normally take place after everyone has introduced themselves.

In addition to the talk, there will normally be an opportunity to ask the guest speaker any questions.

Further networking & discussions

We'll end the meeting with further networking and discussions - these don't just have to be book related!

For example - is there anything you are looking for help with in your business at the moment? Any topics you'd like to discuss? Looking for any introductions?

If you have any questions during the meeting, or any topics you would like to discuss, anything you are looking for help with at the moment, etc. - just ask!

The day before our meeting, you'll receive an e-mail with details on parking, etc.

To allow everyone to be registered, seated, etc. before the meeting starts - please arrive a little bit earlier (e.g. 5 to 10 minutes) if possible!