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Read a great book you'd recommend to other business owners? Looking for ideas for your next book to read?

Books & Networking started in May 2019 as a local Facebook group - a place to recommend, discuss and discover books for your work or business.

Everyone is welcome to join (including people outside Aberdeen): facebook.com/groups/AberdeenBusinessBooks

Please note: the group is a place for discussing non-fiction books - no adverts/promo posts please!

Remember to read the comments!

In addition to the posts in the main timeline, there are great book recommendations in the comments too!

Read a great book?

Why not write a review or recommendation? Or even record a short video? Your review and recommendation could help other business owners.

Looking for ideas for your next book to read?

Write a post asking for recommendations, or read others posts/comments for ideas!

Everyone welcome!

While initially an Aberdeen based group, members from other areas are welcome and encouraged to be part of the group.

Reply, or add your own posts!

Regular themed posts are added in the group (including our popular Weekend Reading posts) - reply to these posts, and check out what others are reading.

You are also welcome to add a new post to the main group timeline to discuss, share and review the books you are currently reading.

All formats of books...

Including paperback, hardback, Kindle and audiobooks.

Any questions?

Anything you are unsure about in the book you are reading? Need help implementing something you have read? Any book related questions are welcome in the group.

All categories of business/work related books.

Whether you read business, personal development, inspirational, books to your specific sector/job or any other non-fiction books - if they help your work or business, they can be discussed in the group!

Written a book?

There are specific posts in the Facebook group where you can share books you have written and released yourself.

From time to time, authors may be invited by the group admin to share their books in the main group timeline.

(As a general guide, if you comment/post in the group regularly, you can add an occassional post about your own books - if you are only in the group to share your own books, your post may get deleted!)

You can also check out our books by group members page.

Not on Facebook?

We also have a LinkedIn group - everyone is welcome to join at: