Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the event organiser?

Books & Networking is organised by Simon Pittman - e-mail: 

Which book will we be talking about or reading?

Unlike a traditional book club (where everyone reads the same book), we discuss what each person is reading at the moment, getting ideas from each others book choices.

Do I need to bring the book I'm currently reading with me?

No you don't need to bring any of the books you are currently reading with you. Although some people do find it easier to talk about the book they are currently reading if they have it with them.

Will there be parking at the events?

Parking is usually available - an e-mail is sent the day before the meeting, which includes details on parking.

I can no longer attend, are tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, tickets are not refundable.

However, you are welcome to send someone else to attend instead (e.g. someone from your business or a contact).

If the event is cancelled by the event organiser (e.g. due to COVID restrictions) then a full refund will be issued.

Are there online/virtual meetings?

We did look into hybrid meetings (a mix of in-person and online) however there wasn't really much interest in attending online at that time.

We may look into online options again in the future - especially if there is interest in people from outside Aberdeen, or in exceptional circumstances (e.g. adverse weather, COVID, etc.)

Any plans for Books & Networking meetings in other towns or cities?

There is some interest in Books & Networking meetings in other parts of the UK - particularly Dundee.

This is something we may look at organising in the future - and would most likely work with someone who is based in those areas to make this possible. If you are interested in a Books & Networking meeting in your area (or interested in helping organise an event in your city), e-mail: 

I'm not located in Aberdeen, can I join the Facebook group?


While Books & Networking started as a local Facebook group, and there are meetings in Aberdeen, anyone living or working in other parts of the UK are welcome to join and be part of the Facebook group.

This allows for a bigger range of discussions, book recommendations, and on some cases occassions for authors to join the group!

How long has Books & Networking been going?

The first Books & Networking meeting was in October 2021 - with meetings usually organised every few months.

(Originally planned for April 2020 and postponed due to the pandemic.)

The original Facebook group was set up in May 2019, as a place for sharing book recommendations - and the idea for meetings started to take form towards the end of that year and start of 2020.

Any plans for more book writing/self publishing workshops?

The workshop in September 2022 is intended to be a one-off, and there are no plans for future workshops.

One-to-one help, plus my book on writing/self publishing, is available.

Any future workshops would only be organised if someone was to fund the workshop, or hire Simon to hold the workshop for their contacts/clients.

Do I need to be a member of the Facebook group to attend events?

No. As not everyone uses Facebook, anyone is welcome to attend the meetings - regardless of whether or not you are a member of the Facebook group.

Can I pay at the door/just turn up at an event without booking?

No. As spaces are limited, booking is essential.

When is the next meeting?

At the moment, Books & Networking meetings are organised seasonally (e.g. Winter, Spring, etc.), and will normally be advertised on this website (including the Home page), EventBrite, our newsletter, and the book group on Facebook.