Ongoing Support

For business owners looking for support and accountability on an ongoing basis.

What you'll get...

Accountability, more guided support, and answers when you need them.

Making the journey less overwhelming...

The idea of writing, self publishing, releasing and marketing your book may seem daunting.

Our ongoing support ensures you have mentoring, support and guidance - plus accountability to ensure your book is written and released.

Whether you need encouragement, a sounding board, or someone to answer your questions and talk you through things.

10+ years of writing and self publishing non-fiction books!

Monthly subscription

Whether for a few months or over a year, ongoing support is provided as a monthly subscription.

Answers and help when you need them - the subscription reflects that some months you may need lots of support, while other months not as much.

Price: £250 per month.

To discuss further and set up, e-mail: 

What's not included: formatting the book for you (this can be done as a separate service), ghostwriting, graphic design, uploading to self publishing platforms for you (this is against their terms!) - we provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need - however ultimately its up to you to do the work!